Founder and Publisher of The Cambodiadaily

Dear Friends,

First of all , let me introduce and show you with my grateful letter to thank to Mr Bernard Krisher who has played direct and active role in the development of Cambodia over the years. He has founded the Cambodiadialy Newspaper and many other worthy project including the following: Hospital of hope , NGOs styled medical facility in Phnom Penh City Center to health treat poor patients, Japan Relief for Cambodia and American Assistance for Cambodia. He has done fund raising all over the world to build hundreds of schools in remote rural Cambodia and has provided countless scholarships for children of the poor , young woman and other disadvantages people. The school building project was part of matching fund scheme involving world bank funds.

Mr Bernard Krisher is very interested in a direct conversation with students and young people of Cambodia over the opportunities to do something meaningful in one’s life for the future job marketability . he has alluded to the idea of Cambodia Peace Corps and very concept of youth volunteerism.

If all friends are interested with his work and want to know about him please go to check in his Website.

What I am very satisfied with now I am working with his organization at the rural school,and Especially , I have already joint Cambodia Peace Corps to provide humanitarian service by transfer my know ledges and experiences to the poor students, poor kids, and many activities of my working now day with social issue to develop my country. I will work with him and all other altogether for social accountability with NGOs and the government that will reduce poverty and offer an opportunity to less priviled children to enjoy a better life in the future. With my true intention I am happy to wish him have a great luck , more healthy , more happiness and get successful all his work in life

I wish you all the best,

Sok Sidon



Cambodian Young Leaders Summit

Cambodian Young Leaders Summit «Building a Strong Cultural, Intellectual and Spiritual Foundation for the Future» Cambodian Young Leaders Summit Leadership for a New Generation.

Cambodian Young Leaders Gruop

Global Peace Initiative of Women, Young leaders International Peace Council is the program in Partnership with Dharma Dhrum Mountain Buddhist Association. Global Peace Initiative of Women is organizing a gathering of young Cambodian community leader in Siem Reap From November 15th- 19th,2007. The attendees represent the first generation born after the genocide, who will be the future leaders of the country. The purpose of the conference is to provide participants with the platform to come together to constructively shape a collective vision for my nation that will strengthen and guide our role in civil society. The gathering aims to allow participants to build and extant all our networks and to learn and become inspired by the successful work and best practices of other young people in my country. It will be an opportunity for linking inter-related issues -education, employment, poverty alleviation, human right, civic responsibility, and healthy ecological systems. I thought, It was great rare opportunity for young Cambodians to gather together to discuss on the current problems facing youths and to understand the important of its roles in building a strong cultural, intellectual and spiritual foundation for the future Cambodia. Thank to the Global Peace Initiative of women in partnership with Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. The forum itself did not only help to provide a platform for the young to discuss the issues, strengthening the network, but it also helped to envision our future plan. How many of us ever think of our future plan? Honestly, I did not think too much in detail of it until I was asked to fill the form of this summit:

CYLG Prayer

1-What is your vision for the future of Cambodia?

2-Where do you see yourself 10 year from now?

Group discussion result

Lovely friends I post this question to all of you and hope all of you who did not think for your future plan, please start from now, then you can direct your actions toward your aims.


Lovely friends, Here is the photo during conference and I would like to present you this is Cambodian Young leaders Summit group photo. You can see all the participants in Cambodia and from USA, Taiwan, Sudan, China, Thailand and Vietnam who have attended in the conference in Siem Reip Province on November 5th-19, 2007.

Group presentation

Cambodia has suffered deeply.

From deep suffering comes deep compassion. 

From deep compassion comes a peaceful heart.

From a peaceful heart comes a peaceful person.

From a peaceful person come a peaceful family and community.

From peaceful communities comes a peaceful nation.

From a peaceful nations come a peaceful world»

The late Venerable Maha Ghosananda.

Way to establish happiness

To All:

From my personal perspective, I think that people in our country are living under poverty situation.  We all want to improve the standard of the living life- want to live in peace and happiness not just in the present time, but also in the future.  From this concept of people are thinking and with my own perspective, I understand that we can build our capacities and abilities to achieve our goal, to build peace and  to enhance strengthening the value of lives, then we will reach the goal surely. Most important  is to create peace altogether in society. Continuing promote peace, citizens’ positive thinking, creative thinking, philosophy and ethics learning and practices for a peaceful and wonderful living.  The best is keep yourself in positive thinking and practicing, it will help ourselves to challenge each other, our critically to shape our world in order to make it a better place to live in, so that we can reach the joy and tastes of life.

In Peace,


Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development

Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development

Learning and teaching methods for Self-Development, I think it very important and great useful to all human being  to study , think, and share deeply.  I am please to ask you all  to  learn  and share it all  of the useful of these knowledge to all our friends who are not yet getting this knowledge sharing. I got this useful sharing from my good friends who are active  in  sharing information.  I would like to thank them a lot regarding to these  sharing. For this meaning “Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development”. They provided 7 inspiring concepts:

1. “Learn for yourself, not for others”

2.“No one can teach you unless you are willing to”

3.“Do not only try to learn by heart”

4.“Do not only focus on a specific skill, but other social skills”

5.“Try to work and learn in team”

6.“Learn from others, especially the experienced and inspirable figure”

7. “Teach other of what you have learnt”

What are the concepts about? What have I had learn?

1. The more we learn, the more we know. It is a way to improve ourselves through learning. Do not wait other to order or ask you to read or study hard. Be proactive!

2. Grammatically, “Learn” is a verb. So we need to do an action. Unless we commit ourselves to learn, it is useless for others to push us. Only when we are willing to do so, we can achieve it.

3. There are three learning style: learning by heart, learning by practice, and learning by analytical thinking. Currently, our education system is adjusted to learning by heart. Therefore, it is necessary that we should change our attitude to be more proactive and critical thinkers.

4. Try to read more and be aware of general knowledge rather than sticking to a point of view.

5. “Many heads are better than one”. Our plan is kept improving by sharing with others. Also we can build our social communication and characters. Competency without Character, we fail. But Competency with Character, we will achieve our goal.

6. A model or a public figure can help to inspire our life. For example, there are two inspiring models of mine. One is the King Javaraman VII who had high leadership and spiritual commitment to his own people. Another one is Gandhi. His concept of “Non-Violence” and struggling character impressed me the most.

7. Try to build leaders surrounding you. Do not afraid that others will be better than you. It will not decrease your ability, but it even help to improve your knowledge and capacity. We will create a multiplied impact.

Question of thoughts from the training:

– What do you see differences between (8+2 = 10) & (10 = 8+2)?

– What have your teachers teach you? And what have you had learnt from them?

– Asked yourself what do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years?

YLCA Social Activities

Peaceful greeting to all !

As we know in our life, we can not predict it how it goes in the future. Mean that no one can predict the future,  so if we do not see  or have our own future or  luck we have to create it.

Youth Leadership Challenge Alumni Grounp went to educate young and old people about how to protect STDs and HIV/AIDS during Water Festival which is organized by HACC and NAA.

 YLCA Activities


KYA-YPD Program

My best counterparts and friends,

Graduation Ceremony of Youth Partner in Development Porgram

I am happy to present my warm compliment to all of you . Some picture below is my photo during YPD Program. YPD Program which is a program give me a lot of experiences and know ledges, especially my Counterpart, group in Kompot Province also (YPD2007) both all participant from Cambodia and Sweden. So here are some pictures that I took during YPD Program . I am very glad to put it in my blog. It is good picture memory that I can not forget it. Further more, great new experiences that I had learn during YPD. I would like to thank Khmer Youth Association (KYA) which provide a great opportunities to me and others participants. I can not forget this opportunities I always remember it in my mind and heart. I am very happy to post these pictures in to my blog so that all friends can see it.

YPD Kompot

Stoklem- Uppsala Group

Group Presentation about YPD Program

YPD and house Family in Sweden had lunch altogether in PeaceQuest Office

Youth Leadership Challenge Program

Hello from Sidon,

YLC Program

I am a Youth Partner in Development Participant (YPD)2007, after this program I am also a Participant in Youth Leadership Challenge among top 16 of Youth Council of Cambodia that now I have been selected for the Youth Leadership challenges Program that deducted from 238 candidates .This program is produced by Youth Council of Cambodia and cooperation with IRI . Supported by USAID. YLC program will show on CTN TV Channel in September at 11:45-12:45 am. This competition has eight activities like:

1-Fund raising, 2-Debate, 3- Find signature and thumbprint for petition, 4- Feature Video Production, 5- SMS Support, 6-Facilitator in Seminar, 7-Drawing Picture
8) 8-Public Speaking

YLC Program of YCC

and one activity has seven steps such as Task giving& Team Division,Training,Preparation,Activities,Judging,Reward for winning team and the last charity.and I can pass throught first.i was drop out from this Challenge with Second activities .in fact i am very happ with program because I can know a bout my abilities and knowledges .i know it is a real abilities that i can compete with other candidate from 238 person.

YLC contestants

I would like to inform you that I am a candidate in Youth leadership Challenge i was selected by youth Council of Cambodia(YCC). you can see me in this Picture and all the candidate and now we are friends, one Group as YLC group.we have 32 canditdate blus YLC before. YCC is a Youth council of Cambodia, an Organization,Non-Government,Non-profet working with youth and for youth

YCC- Youth Leadership Challenge

Sidon and Reward

Give funding to Mith Samlanh Organization