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A persevering life heading to success

Born into a poor family in Tapor village, Svay Rieng province, a man to be featured in this week’s Behind the Success has struggled in his life to make his dream come true. Sok Sidon, whose parents are farmers, is now working as a reporter for the Cambodia Daily newspaper. He is also a founding executive of an organization known as Youth Partner in Development and Peace (YPDP).

Sidon is the second child among eight siblings. When he was in primary school, he had to get up around 4am to walk to school about 10 kilometers from his house. Due to the long distance, he was usually not able to attend the class on time.

Sok Sidon, Founder of Youth Partners in Development and Peace (second from right) granted award to price winner in a competition in a capacity building workshop on Youth and Social Participation at Svay Rieng University.

“When I was in grade 5, I decided to leave my family to stay in a pagoda because the school was very far from my house, my family has financial problem, and there is no enough food for all members in the family,” he said.

He returned home after spending three years living in pagoda. He did not know about English until he was in grade 8. He became interested in the language, so he decided to take a private class after school. He tried to practice what he had learned as much as possible. “Whenever I saw foreigners visit my hometown, I really wanted to have conversations with them,” he said. “I always be the first to ask them using what I had learned in class because if they asked me first, I would not be able to understand and know how to respond,” Sidon reminded his past with laugh. Continue reading


Success Story- English

Peace and dearest friends,

Recently, I got an interview with the Success Guide Magazine, on behalf of the founder of Youth Partner in Development and Peace( YPDP), which is a volunteer youth group founded in January 1, 2009 by a group of dynamic young people from different faiths and religions such as Buddhism, Muslim, and Christian, who wish to impel positive social changes and promote solidarity, leadership, culture, development and peace through youth participation and also a cooperation circle of United Religions Initiative ( URI).

The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

I would like to share with all you about it. Here, you can read more about ypdp, ; It is very good that I could share this kind of story to you all in the name of God and URI family. I, myself, have inspired many people, friends, especially you all and other top world leaders. Particularly, the world need more compassionate entrepreneurs like you to develop and to build more a peaceful world & society a round the globe.

Sok Sidon: From a son of a desperate farmer family to become a leader

A number of important indicators, (knowledge, leadership, genius, good communication and network building, humanitarianism and sharing of knowledge and experience to other Cambodian youth), have motivated Sidon to be employed by a locally and internationally famous newspaper. At the same time, he initiated a youth volunteer network called “Youth Partners in Development and Peace (YPDP)” with the objective to develop and promote youth and society through education and to provide them with an opportunity to involve in social development affairs. In addition, he and his friends are currently leading Youth Partners in Development and Peace. Continue reading

Success Story- Khmer

Continue reading

URI Young Leaders Program

URI Young Leaders Program 2008


Peace building has become an important dimension of youth to work on after sever years of Religious, cultural and tradition’s conflict. To bring peace in our societies, in country, in our regions and around the world is impossible without Inter-faith harmony and this harmony is possible only when we understand well about other religions. If a country has peace and development, it means it does not have religious & cultural discrimination, that means there the roots of Inter-faith harmony are very strong and deep. However, it is young people who are in the best position to change their societies by working toward peace and Inter-faith harmony.

URI ProgramAbove mentioned conference was an opportunity to make myself better equipped and aware to achieve my goal for bringing Peace and harmony in my Society, the opportunity was offered me from our CC (Youth Partners in Development and Peace) as I am Youth Coordinator of it. It is going to be held at ISCKON, Mayapur-West Bangal India. Continue reading

Cambodian Research Group

I, a member of Cambodian Research Group(CRG) and representative of Youth Leadership Challenge Alumni(YLCA), was invited by Cambodian Research Group(CRG) founder to participates in the workshop on the theme of ‘‘Changing approaches to development in Cambodia’’ which is organized by Cambodia Research Group from 8th -1oth of January 2009 at Pannasastra University, Cambodia.

Cambodian Research Group

Cambodian Research Group

YLC Alumni

Youth Leadership Challenge participants went to joint to party at Erin Soto’s house (USAID )Organization Representative in Cambodia in order to get to know each other more well,  strengthening friendship,  make good relationship with each other and also with many NGOs Leaders,  especially the  honor Leaders  from the USAID Organization and also from other institutions in the party.

YLCA Group

YLCA Impression Sharing

To All Friends,

I got really great experiences with other friends in Youth Leadership Challenge the same season as well as  Season 2 and 3 during my time in YLC Alumni party at Kien Svay Resort .

Sharing impression about YLC Program

In picture is all my good friends  in  team work. We are so happy to see and    discuss with each other about how to contribute to society and be  an outstanding youth in society.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_94

Sharing Reflection from the program