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Sok Sidon

Sok Sidon

Currently, I am working as Digital Assistant, a former reporter and Translator at The Cambodia Daily Newspaper, an independent newspaper dedicated to strengthening a free press and training journalists. Published six times a week in Phnom Penh;  Working in the Cambodia Daily, I report all the issues in Cambodian society such as child’s right abuse, labor disputes, domestic violence, crime, social beneficiary event which are giving value for human being and social welfare, justice, development and peace, etc. My main vision and beat goal of reporting is to focusing on the abusing the child’s right and women’ right, crime, injustice, and natural disaster.

As we can see there are many main issues in Cambodia society and around the world such as child abused, unemployment, lack of access in getting well education of women, children, youths, gender issue, and social violence issues, especially the discrimination and conflict among religions.  I passionate to make more real positive change in Cambodia society by working with a youth team, especially for youth, I have established at a volunteer youth group. It is called “Youth Partner in Development and Peace (YPDP).”

Presently, I am also a Founding Executive of Youth Partner in Development and Peace (YPDP), a social-linked volunteer youth group, and was founded on January 1st, 2009 by a group of thirteen dynamic young people from different faiths and traditions (Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian…) who wish to impel positive social changes and promote solidarity, leadership, culture, development and peace through youth participation.

Visited World Peace Bell

YPDP strongly believes in playing a very important role in promoting solidarity, peace, culture of peace in Cambodia society among ethnic diver people from different faith, tradition, and religions and prepare youth to be good community leaders and build up good partnerships of the future generation. Youth’s commitment, contribution, and participation will become fruitful results for bringing positive, equitable, and sustainable changes in our society.

I had been working as a hub master at the American Assistance for Cambodia & Japan Relief for Cambodia (AAfC & JRFC) for four years, is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia. Founded in 1993 by American journalist Bernie Krisher, AAfC operates interlinked programs across Cambodia in the areas of education, health, rural development, and technology.

While, I was serving as an educator of students and teachers corporations in rural school community with AAFC/JRFC; I am in-charge of help promoting education in rural Cambodia and managing school training center & coordinating clinic house for rural community development programs. The rural school and clinic house is sponsored by a donor to provide value-add improvements to further strengthen student education, such as English/computer teachers, Internet, and access to clean water. I am responsible to develop student and teacher’s capacity and maintenance educational training by providing training to them and an undergraduate student respectively with the Government of Cambodia prior to my current working.


Aside this, in 2007; I was selected to joint Youth Partner in Development (YPD) Program between Cambodia and Sweden for six months. :work as an active participant in “Youth Partner in Development program” or “International Youth Exchange” cooperating between Khmer Youth Association and Swedish Centre for International Youth Exchange—Cambodia and Sweden—and this exchange took place between 3 months in Cambodia and 3 months in Sweden. The main aim of “Youth partner in Development” is to prepare young people for a working–life in an international environment as well as developing their leader skill. Through the exchange the participants receives a concrete insight into how international development is carried out, both from the receiver and donor perspective. Further aims are to promote knowledge about local and global development, stimulate personal development and provide international experience.


A general theme for the exchange is to encourage respect, understanding and tolerance for other culture and social structure. These aims are met through activities initiated by the participant, such as voluntary work. In order to successfully complete the exchange, the participants planned and carried out a project in cooperation with other participants and the local population. These projects allow the participants to gain the better understanding of the complexity of project management in foreign environments.

Stoklem- Uppsala Group

KYA-YPD program has given me a great chance to work social development and participation and to get deeply involved community development and peace build with Swedish participants in remote area community both in Cambodia and Sweden. During the program, I have written the project proposal and implemented the project with my counterpart in community, because we want to see the community more develop and improving day by day.

In 2006, I worked as a peace trainer at Khmer Youth Association (KYA) Svay Rieng, while serving as the young peace trainer; I have managed peace building training at community with youth, villager and authorities. Working for KYA, I gained experienced in report writing, work plan, community need assessment, project management and coordinating with young people to implement peace build project, youth peace camp, campaign and youth festival including networking and advocating with local authorities and concerned institutions, administration and finance management and most importantly, facilitating participatory training/workshop, developing training & educational materials during training.

I have organized “Youth Peace Camp” in September 28, 2006 to September 31, 2006 in theme of solidarity in community on the topic about “Team work, leadership, partnership, and friendship”, during those period, I have promoting a lot of youth to participation in local governance through providing capacity building, promoting youth and citizen engagement and empowering them through advocacy and peace building activities. I organized many meetings and workshops for youth and some government departments to enable youth to voice their concerns and recommendations for the government to be more accountable to the young people. I also participated in advocacy on National Youth Policy.

Furthermore I worked in Population Service International in charge of distributing PSI product and facilitate in many seminar & workshop on HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention, building networking with other NGOs and report writing under the guidance and direct supervision of sale representative. The program focused mainly on the promotion of children and youth participation in the community development and HIV/STD prevention and life skill. I have been working as health educator at Rural Economic Development (REDA) and conducted many workshop training about HIV/AIDs Awareness prevention under the guidance and direct supervision of the program coordinator for one year. The program focused mainly on the promotion of children and youth participation in the community development and HIV/STD prevention and life skill.

I was born in a poor family at a remote village in Svay Rieng province and although I was struggling through poverty while I was young I have grown up with my belief that “everybody in all generations has the obligation to make the life of the future generations better”. Carrying my conviction of Buddhist principles, perhaps as an influence from my “incidental” from my childhood when I was a student of the Buddhist monks, I have accomplished my professional careers from my high ethical performance, integrity and social sacrifices and have the passion of making differences, since I was 12 years old.

Throughout my careers, I have maintained my strong relationship and networking with people from different spectrum in the Cambodian society and with all my experiences has made me more confident and independent with my struggle in life, and I really appreciate the youth who are active in engagement themselves in the social activities. I have engaged myself in many types of activities especially to promote youth involvement in social development for positive change.

I have also volunteered my personal time to coordinate young leader network in Phnom Penh and currently helping mentor and guide a youth group to achieve their career objectives; to promote youth interest and participation in social affairs and to ultimately prepare them to be leaders of the future generations who will have adequate qualification, skills, experience and ethical values through which I helped the youth establish the Youth Leadership Challenge Alumni( YLCA- CAM) and Youth Partner in Development Reunion (YPD-Reunion). And I got award to participate in capacity building, leadership training & events in Cambodia and abroad such as Sweden, India, Philippines, and Indonesia.


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