URI Young Leaders Program

URI Young Leaders Program 2008


Peace building has become an important dimension of youth to work on after sever years of Religious, cultural and tradition’s conflict. To bring peace in our societies, in country, in our regions and around the world is impossible without Inter-faith harmony and this harmony is possible only when we understand well about other religions. If a country has peace and development, it means it does not have religious & cultural discrimination, that means there the roots of Inter-faith harmony are very strong and deep. However, it is young people who are in the best position to change their societies by working toward peace and Inter-faith harmony.

URI ProgramAbove mentioned conference was an opportunity to make myself better equipped and aware to achieve my goal for bringing Peace and harmony in my Society, the opportunity was offered me from our CC (Youth Partners in Development and Peace) as I am Youth Coordinator of it. It is going to be held at ISCKON, Mayapur-West Bangal India.

So I traveled with other Pilgrims of Peace from Cambodia on 23rd Nov.

As we reached Maypur, ISCKON devotees and URI staff warmly welcomed us.

After taking our lunch we went for registration then took rest

1- Conference Process

24th Nov

In the evening we want in Tent for Opening Ceremony where about100 Young Leaders gathered from different countries to participate in this conference. In the ceremony they delivered the message of Love by singing “hare Krishna hare rama” then the Pundit describe the theme of that song. All were invited to enlighten the Lamps which were the sign of Peace.

25th Nov

 After taking our breakfast, all gathered in Pandal (tent) after Sacred Opening all young leaders were divided into groups of six; my group # was 16, Firstly I was introduced with Starr. Then we introduced each other to other six people of our group after Ice braking we share our ideas about “The Role of Youth in Inter-Faith Action” that result in to build good relationships with each other and to have more friends and ability to work in a group. Then the moderator of our group presented the outcome of our discussion to other groups.

In the evening we celebrated Cultural Night “Inter-Cultural Exchange” during this it was very nice opportunity to know about other cultures and art, all performed their dance & songs. We also presented our Pakistani cultural dance.

26th Nov

URI Young Leader Participants EXhibition

The second day started with sacred opening that makes my feelings peaceful, and I understand clearly about what I need. This morning in inter-faith Sports session I took part in football match. It worked as energizer, which made me closer to other person of the different groups, which was an experience to me that by sports we can strengthen inter-faith harmony. Some people were sharing with each other common moral values of different faith, song of Hare Krishna has been singing, it was a very peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Then Lunch served in a very different way, all sat in the ground and male was served in plates of natural leaves.

After that a workshop held on “Environmental Activism” which enhanced my vision about Environmental cleanliness. Day closed with stories telling through art, dance and music, which was very nice and like refreshment.

27th Nov

Like previous day, the day started with sacred opening. There a workshop, which I attended, held under the topic of “None violent Communication” which was focused on Observation, Needs, Feelings & Request.

This was presented by Suzan Dababneh from Jordan, in a very nice and impressive way. Before I don’t know about the real importance of none violent communication, but now I feeling to have more experience in none violent communication, which will be helpful to me to promote Inter-faith harmony and peace through my communications.

After lunch an exhibition took place on inter-faith. Shamila Bhatti one of the participants from Pakistan displayed her paintings, that paintings were delivering the message of Peace which inspired many.

 Anqa Zarish set some Traditional jewelry which was liked by many participants. Many other Young Leaders also displayed cultural items from different CC. and also shared their activities by distributing broachers.

It was another day of learning.

28th Nov

URI FRIENDSAfter the daily Scared Opening , all participants headed to visit to Bhaktive danta Vidya Mandir School for service Project, to share love and unity with Children, all participants showed their love in their different way, and give donation like, note books, pencils, raisers etc then in tree planting session all young leaders planted small plants in the yard of school during these activities our, understanding established well to build a Peace Bridge. All children looked very happy. It was a very nice day which we spent with school children, an was feeling very nice as I could act effectively for Peace building.

29th Nov

This day the Scared Opening was done by Asia Pacific region’s People, that was a time when I could also took part, and felt contended. Then a meeting held with URI Global Council Trustees that was a very good time to share and learn very new ideas about developing Peace, harmony & bridge building.  That evening we went to Ganges to visit Navadip Hindu Temple, we reached to the temple by riding boats, it was itself a very nice travel. There they explained abut its social values, which were inspiring to me. It was an other opportunity for interaction with participants of Global Assembly as they ware also accompany with us (Young Leaders).

30th Nov

URI Young Leader Group Photo

This Sunday morning we went to the Cathedral Church Krishna Nagar done Sunday service, it was 150 years old church, it was beautifully designed. It was very pleasant to us, as tea was served us by the Father of the Church, as his love and unity. After there was Procession to Ganges it was unique experience to me see Hindu’s holy practices and social doing as well. Today evening was very colorful as there was ISCKON’s Cultural Program, Songs, and cultural dance was performed.

1st Dec

On this day a workshop held by Mr.abrar Khan (Lead Facilitator) on “Community Building”. I was member of 31st group which includes, Mr. Terry, Mr. Tariq & Mr. Alexander. Workshop’s focus was to transform common values of all religions to our children in this way in coming years we can build a community that would be peaceful and enriched with harmony. Secondly, expanding URI in the world, especially in new generation. Stopping wars to build peace. learned a lot of new things about community building, like the concept of transforming common value to our children.

This Workshop taught me well about it and made my vision wider to act effectively.

2nd Dec

United Religion Initiative

This was another day that was full of learning, after our daily scared opening and meditation I attended two workshops, one by Mr. Yuel Bhatti (Executive Secretary URI MCC Pakistan) on “Using Media Effectiveness

The focus was on using media to expand our network and explained that its one among the pillar of Peace building bridge. More specifically, he emphasized on the role of youth to get information from the media, for example about use of internet and its importance of providing this information to others.

Second workshop was held by Mr. Jahangir Piara on “Peace building, Spirituality and Education”.

The theme which I understood that ‘the role of youth in building peace is to live together without discrimination, without racism, and without cultural or religious discrimination. We have to have strong solidarity this all is possible when we are closer to our religion, mean stronger spiritually and when we are educated to understand all this.’

4th Dec

After sacred

opening certificates distribution ceremony held. It was very enthusiastic for me that i got against what i have learned here to promote a Nobel cause. A very delicious dinner was servered to us and we enjoyed the cultural performance and talent show, that was a very memorable moment for me when I took part in cultural show

by vary our cultural dress there was an other moment when I observed Interfaith and inter cultural harmony & solidarity when Sarah Talcott became a bride (wore traditional dress) in our cultural show.

5th Dec

Praying for Peace tour

Daily scared opening proceed to regional meeting (Asia Pacific) to discuss and determine the objective to promote and developed the network of URI. That we shall involve youth in our CCs, to increase numberless of CCs but by keep it in view new coming CCs should play active and efficient role for prevail Peace. Closing ceremony was very different of its kind, friendship bands were given to one another.  Music was running and al participant firstly danced region vise from where they belong, latter all groups of regions mixed up while dancing and it was looking like a single global group. Where it was a moment of joy, there was some regret in are harts, because in last two week’s company we became very close to each other, we were feeling sad because now all were returning to their homes. Anyhow the feeling of building new relations with other religions, cultures and regions overcome that regret.

May God bless us all to spread this light of Peace & Interfaith harmony, to others in our societies which we got from ISCKON.



URI Program in Mayapur, India

‘I think that youth have the most important role to make the World peaceful and i have plans to educate youth in order to build a

strong bridge of Peace.

Secondly I learned, to have peace in World we must be peaceful of mind, then try to bring Peace in our Families, then in Society, then Nation and then in the World.

Thirdly we shall transfer our knowledge and information to Children because they are coming rule in all fields of life.

Mainly an idea which I got from ISKON to promote Peace is “Serve Other As You Serve to God”. They served as with great care and love which motivated me to adopt the same in my life.


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