Founder and Publisher of The Cambodiadaily

Dear Friends,

First of all , let me introduce and show you with my grateful letter to thank to Mr Bernard Krisher who has played direct and active role in the development of Cambodia over the years. He has founded the Cambodiadialy Newspaper and many other worthy project including the following: Hospital of hope , NGOs styled medical facility in Phnom Penh City Center to health treat poor patients, Japan Relief for Cambodia and American Assistance for Cambodia. He has done fund raising all over the world to build hundreds of schools in remote rural Cambodia and has provided countless scholarships for children of the poor , young woman and other disadvantages people. The school building project was part of matching fund scheme involving world bank funds.

Mr Bernard Krisher is very interested in a direct conversation with students and young people of Cambodia over the opportunities to do something meaningful in one’s life for the future job marketability . he has alluded to the idea of Cambodia Peace Corps and very concept of youth volunteerism.

If all friends are interested with his work and want to know about him please go to check in his Website.

What I am very satisfied with now I am working with his organization at the rural school,and Especially , I have already joint Cambodia Peace Corps to provide humanitarian service by transfer my know ledges and experiences to the poor students, poor kids, and many activities of my working now day with social issue to develop my country. I will work with him and all other altogether for social accountability with NGOs and the government that will reduce poverty and offer an opportunity to less priviled children to enjoy a better life in the future. With my true intention I am happy to wish him have a great luck , more healthy , more happiness and get successful all his work in life

I wish you all the best,

Sok Sidon



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