Cambodian Young Leaders Summit

Cambodian Young Leaders Summit «Building a Strong Cultural, Intellectual and Spiritual Foundation for the Future» Cambodian Young Leaders Summit Leadership for a New Generation.

Cambodian Young Leaders Gruop

Global Peace Initiative of Women, Young leaders International Peace Council is the program in Partnership with Dharma Dhrum Mountain Buddhist Association. Global Peace Initiative of Women is organizing a gathering of young Cambodian community leader in Siem Reap From November 15th- 19th,2007. The attendees represent the first generation born after the genocide, who will be the future leaders of the country. The purpose of the conference is to provide participants with the platform to come together to constructively shape a collective vision for my nation that will strengthen and guide our role in civil society. The gathering aims to allow participants to build and extant all our networks and to learn and become inspired by the successful work and best practices of other young people in my country. It will be an opportunity for linking inter-related issues -education, employment, poverty alleviation, human right, civic responsibility, and healthy ecological systems. I thought, It was great rare opportunity for young Cambodians to gather together to discuss on the current problems facing youths and to understand the important of its roles in building a strong cultural, intellectual and spiritual foundation for the future Cambodia. Thank to the Global Peace Initiative of women in partnership with Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. The forum itself did not only help to provide a platform for the young to discuss the issues, strengthening the network, but it also helped to envision our future plan. How many of us ever think of our future plan? Honestly, I did not think too much in detail of it until I was asked to fill the form of this summit:

CYLG Prayer

1-What is your vision for the future of Cambodia?

2-Where do you see yourself 10 year from now?

Group discussion result

Lovely friends I post this question to all of you and hope all of you who did not think for your future plan, please start from now, then you can direct your actions toward your aims.


Lovely friends, Here is the photo during conference and I would like to present you this is Cambodian Young leaders Summit group photo. You can see all the participants in Cambodia and from USA, Taiwan, Sudan, China, Thailand and Vietnam who have attended in the conference in Siem Reip Province on November 5th-19, 2007.

Group presentation

Cambodia has suffered deeply.

From deep suffering comes deep compassion. 

From deep compassion comes a peaceful heart.

From a peaceful heart comes a peaceful person.

From a peaceful person come a peaceful family and community.

From peaceful communities comes a peaceful nation.

From a peaceful nations come a peaceful world»

The late Venerable Maha Ghosananda.


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