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Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development

Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development

Learning and teaching methods for Self-Development, I think it very important and great useful to all human being  to study , think, and share deeply.  I am please to ask you all  to  learn  and share it all  of the useful of these knowledge to all our friends who are not yet getting this knowledge sharing. I got this useful sharing from my good friends who are active  in  sharing information.  I would like to thank them a lot regarding to these  sharing. For this meaning “Learning and Teaching Methods for Self-Development”. They provided 7 inspiring concepts:

1. “Learn for yourself, not for others”

2.“No one can teach you unless you are willing to”

3.“Do not only try to learn by heart”

4.“Do not only focus on a specific skill, but other social skills”

5.“Try to work and learn in team”

6.“Learn from others, especially the experienced and inspirable figure”

7. “Teach other of what you have learnt”

What are the concepts about? What have I had learn?

1. The more we learn, the more we know. It is a way to improve ourselves through learning. Do not wait other to order or ask you to read or study hard. Be proactive!

2. Grammatically, “Learn” is a verb. So we need to do an action. Unless we commit ourselves to learn, it is useless for others to push us. Only when we are willing to do so, we can achieve it.

3. There are three learning style: learning by heart, learning by practice, and learning by analytical thinking. Currently, our education system is adjusted to learning by heart. Therefore, it is necessary that we should change our attitude to be more proactive and critical thinkers.

4. Try to read more and be aware of general knowledge rather than sticking to a point of view.

5. “Many heads are better than one”. Our plan is kept improving by sharing with others. Also we can build our social communication and characters. Competency without Character, we fail. But Competency with Character, we will achieve our goal.

6. A model or a public figure can help to inspire our life. For example, there are two inspiring models of mine. One is the King Javaraman VII who had high leadership and spiritual commitment to his own people. Another one is Gandhi. His concept of “Non-Violence” and struggling character impressed me the most.

7. Try to build leaders surrounding you. Do not afraid that others will be better than you. It will not decrease your ability, but it even help to improve your knowledge and capacity. We will create a multiplied impact.

Question of thoughts from the training:

– What do you see differences between (8+2 = 10) & (10 = 8+2)?

– What have your teachers teach you? And what have you had learnt from them?

– Asked yourself what do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years?