KYA-YPD Program

My best counterparts and friends,

Graduation Ceremony of Youth Partner in Development Porgram

I am happy to present my warm compliment to all of you . Some picture below is my photo during YPD Program. YPD Program which is a program give me a lot of experiences and know ledges, especially my Counterpart, group in Kompot Province also (YPD2007) both all participant from Cambodia and Sweden. So here are some pictures that I took during YPD Program . I am very glad to put it in my blog. It is good picture memory that I can not forget it. Further more, great new experiences that I had learn during YPD. I would like to thank Khmer Youth Association (KYA) which provide a great opportunities to me and others participants. I can not forget this opportunities I always remember it in my mind and heart. I am very happy to post these pictures in to my blog so that all friends can see it.

YPD Kompot

Stoklem- Uppsala Group

Group Presentation about YPD Program

YPD and house Family in Sweden had lunch altogether in PeaceQuest Office


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