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KYA-YPD Program

My best counterparts and friends,

Graduation Ceremony of Youth Partner in Development Porgram

I am happy to present my warm compliment to all of you . Some picture below is my photo during YPD Program. YPD Program which is a program give me a lot of experiences and know ledges, especially my Counterpart, group in Kompot Province also (YPD2007) both all participant from Cambodia and Sweden. So here are some pictures that I took during YPD Program . I am very glad to put it in my blog. It is good picture memory that I can not forget it. Further more, great new experiences that I had learn during YPD. I would like to thank Khmer Youth Association (KYA) which provide a great opportunities to me and others participants. I can not forget this opportunities I always remember it in my mind and heart. I am very happy to post these pictures in to my blog so that all friends can see it.

YPD Kompot

Stoklem- Uppsala Group

Group Presentation about YPD Program

YPD and house Family in Sweden had lunch altogether in PeaceQuest Office


Youth Leadership Challenge Program

Hello from Sidon,

YLC Program

I am a Youth Partner in Development Participant (YPD)2007, after this program I am also a Participant in Youth Leadership Challenge among top 16 of Youth Council of Cambodia that now I have been selected for the Youth Leadership challenges Program that deducted from 238 candidates .This program is produced by Youth Council of Cambodia and cooperation with IRI . Supported by USAID. YLC program will show on CTN TV Channel in September at 11:45-12:45 am. This competition has eight activities like:

1-Fund raising, 2-Debate, 3- Find signature and thumbprint for petition, 4- Feature Video Production, 5- SMS Support, 6-Facilitator in Seminar, 7-Drawing Picture
8) 8-Public Speaking

YLC Program of YCC

and one activity has seven steps such as Task giving& Team Division,Training,Preparation,Activities,Judging,Reward for winning team and the last charity.and I can pass throught first.i was drop out from this Challenge with Second activities .in fact i am very happ with program because I can know a bout my abilities and knowledges .i know it is a real abilities that i can compete with other candidate from 238 person.

YLC contestants

I would like to inform you that I am a candidate in Youth leadership Challenge i was selected by youth Council of Cambodia(YCC). you can see me in this Picture and all the candidate and now we are friends, one Group as YLC group.we have 32 canditdate blus YLC before. YCC is a Youth council of Cambodia, an Organization,Non-Government,Non-profet working with youth and for youth

YCC- Youth Leadership Challenge

Sidon and Reward

Give funding to Mith Samlanh Organization

Feeling about my blog

Peace to all:

Hi, I am a Cambodia youth, very happy to create my own blog, and very glad to joint with all blogger team both Cambodia and the world . I would like to share with you all what I can share, and I am pleased to learn new things from you all of you too. Welcome all your feedback and comment friends regarding to my blog . I update it  well I need your help so that  edit it. I want to learn more how to design my blog  to be  the professional one, please teach me  to design it, because I am not an IT  Expert.  It is very useful site  to  provide good information and advantage news to all readers and  friends  around the world. I would like to inform to you all my friends about my blog is: and again welcome all your comment and feedback.

Lots of love,


YCC-Youth Leadership Challenge Program

Dear Beloved Friends,

Youth Leadership Challenge program is new one program of Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC). Youth leadership challenge provided youth leader to compete and challenges each other among participants until the last is winner. This program has 8 week and 8 exam activities to challenges to all candidate that participated YLC program.

Humanities activities

Humanities Activities

I was selected from 300 candidates to participant in this program. It is very useful and important program fro me. In this program, each competition exam they provided participant into two groups. After ended one each exam competition. we , YLA participant get funding to give to Orphanage Center and Street Children Organization.

YLC Program Activities

Humanities Activities

Humanities Activities

Cambodian blogger summit Workshop

This the photo of Cambodian Blogger Summit

Cambodian blogger Summit has held on workshop about blogger in cambodia and provide with thnology and blog to Participant for 2day at Panasasta university. during 2 day i am sok sidon as young blogger i was participated in worhshop and helped cambodian Blogger summit to prepare the activities in this workshop alson. it was very suprised and very exciting to a bout cambodian blogger and got alot of knowledges and Experience with blogger team from cambodia and USA , Australia , singapor………